Andrea Martinucci, Fondale
(2020 - research ongoing)

Fondale is a installation and performative project that originates from the word backdrop and its double semantic field in Italian: on one hand, it indicates the depths of the sea; on the other, a background on the canvas that defines its perspective limit. Fondale defines a dichotomy between a static (horizontal) backdrop and a moving (vertical) one.

Specifically, Fondale is an device that can be activated through participative actions. It consists of not figurative vivid paintings on big mobile structures able to host nebulous landscapes. The structures are meant to be moved by different performers while they try to define as many scenarios as possible in the shortest time possible.

The performers are called to following a series of strict rules. Those rules wants to test the physical possibilities of human bodies, generating to performers a state of imbalance and fatigue, the perfect physical condition to enter into trance-inducing state.

Development Programs with Silvano Manganaro at Open Work Residency.
Turbomondi (Fondale Notturno), 2020.  Courtesy of the artist and Senza Bagno, Pescara.
© Andrea Martinucci.