(2020 - ongoing) 

Turbomondi imagines suspended worlds. Creatures in perpetual search of their integrity and constantly evolving inhabit these worlds. No being remains equal to himself. They break down and rearrange themselves, according to superior forces. What am I? What have I been? What will I become? Turbomondi invites to reshape ideas about what it means to exist, what Earth is, and what society is. The work reminds the method of transcendental creative meditation. Every character, scene, and moment generates from the subconscious. The subconscious allows to draw from the depths of one’s imagination to create new landscapes, which redefine the actual structure of reality. 

Studio for Turbomondi (Cosmografia d’Approdo), 2020.
Watercolor on cardboard, 30x40cm. Courtesy the artist.
©Andrea Martinucci.