Turbomondi is a collection of film treatments written in 2020 by the artist in collaboration with screenwriter Laura Sinceri. The project is conceived as one unique movie script that can be read and interpreted by twelve selected persons who own it for a specific time. These individuals could write comments and observations, add notes, remove pages, draw and doodle, or even destroy the script. The goal is to stratify different voices and impressions which will virtually overturn the meaning of the original text.  At the same time, Martinucci from 2021 to 2022 keeps a persona archive of the ever-changing script, so as to track and experience its transformation.

Text by Lisa Andreani

Turbomondi (original script),
Ink, flower, plastic, adhesive tape on paper,
21x29,7x1,5cm. 45 pages, Italian.
Courtesy of the artist.

Turbomondi (archive),
Ink on paper, cardboard and steel container,
25x35x14cm. 596 pages, italian.
Courtesy of the artist.

Open Script, 2022.
Installation view at 
IUNO - Center for Contemporary Art
Rome, IT.
Turbomondi (stratigraphy), 2022.
Archive editing: translation from italian to english by
Lisa Andreani, Cecilia Canziani,
Maria Vittoria Di Sabatino, Ilaria Gianni.

Visual translation from archive:
Andrea Martinucci.  

1. / 3.
Turbomondi (Archive), 2021.
Xerox print on paper.
21x29,5 cm (each one).
Courtesy the artist.

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