Turbomondi imagines suspended worlds inhabited by constantly evolving creatures in search of their integrity. Each being is in flux, breaking down and rearranging according to superior forces, pondering questions of identity and destiny. The project was initially conceived as a collection of film treatments by the artist and screenwriter Laura Sinceri, took the form of a unique film script that from 2021 was entrusted to twelve figures who interpreted in a specific time frame, allowing them to write comments, make observations, remove pages, draw or even destroy parts of it. The layering of different voices and impressions that virtually redefines the meaning of the original text is transformed into a personal archive and publication that traces the evolution to follow and the plural transformation of its contents.

Text by Lisa Andreani

Open Script, Installation view,
IUNO, Rome, IT, 2022.

Turbomondi (original script),
Ink, flower, plastic, adhesive tape on paper,
21x29,7x1,5cm. 45 pages, Italian. 

Turbomondi (archive),
Ink on paper, cardboard and steel container,
25x35x14cm. 596 pages, italian.

Project contributions by Alice, Lisa Andreani, Maria Vittoria Di Sabatino, Aurelio Di Virgilio, Francesca Ferrari, Giulia Geromel, Marialaura Grandolfo, Pietro Librizzi, Zeno Piovesan, Cecilia Saita, Carla Subrizi, Cosimo Rizzo.

Studio per Cosmografia /
Cosmographical study, 2020.
Acrylic on paper, 19x28cm.

B/W reproduction.

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